Peri Peri Cashew



At Thewholesalers. all our peri-peri cashews are roasted with delicious fresh ground pepper. Based in Gurgaon, each of our peri-peri cashews is dry-roasted with sheer perfection and is added with the right kind of spices so they taste divine. No wonder why we are credited for being the most popular peri cashew dealers.

The jumbo-sized cashews taste fresh and are crunchy. They are also handpicked from the top producers and packed in the best hygienic processing unit. Our premium quality cashews are natural, fresh, and are of premium quality. The cashews we offer are made with the original Souther Spicy Peri Peri seasoning and contain no oil.

India’s Favorite Peri-Peri Cashew Retailer

The peri-peri cashews contain a longer shelf-life and double-sorted before they are packed, so you get the best. The cashews are known to boost your energy and keep you in good health. Zero to minimum oil is used in roasting the cashews, to retain the flavor and to keep it natural. More so, no preservatives are also added.


500gm, 1Kg


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