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We at Thewholesalers. bring to you the widest range of green kishmish that is known for its authentic quality and are processed under hygiene conditions. Based in Gurgaon, we are the topmost green kishmish wholesalers and dealers in Gurgaon and we have garnered fame over the years for our sweet-tasting raisins that are also loaded with nutrition.

Besides being delicious, the green kishmish are also rich in health-benefits and make for the perfect snack. Apart from this, our range of fresh and good raisins can be added to your breakfast cereal and baking items. They are known to aid in digestion and maintain the strength of your bones.

Natural Green Raisin Dealers India

Green kishmish that we are popular for are also loaded with energy, which can keep us filled for a long time. The small dry fruit is also oozing with the right kind of minerals, vitamins, and minerals. A tasteful delight that you can add to your regular diet, our range of green raisins can elevate the taste of your favorite dish; be it halwa or Biryani, Poha or chicken, etc.

The premium green raisins that we bring for you are processed under stringent supervision and are sourced from the best manufacturers. We are committed to improving your lifestyle and hence are focused on delivering you a natural and organic collection of green kishmish that not only tastes good but is equally great for your health.

About Kishmish/Raisin

A Kishmish/Raisin is a dried grape. Raisins are produced in many regions of the world and maybe eaten raw or used in cooking, baking, and brewing

  • Raisins can contain up to 72% sugars by weight, most of which is fructose and glucose.
  • They also contain about 3% protein and 3.7%–6.8% dietary fibre. Raisins, like prunes and apricots, are also high in certain antioxidants but have a lower vitamin C content than fresh grapes.
  • Raisins are low in sodium and contain no cholesterol

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