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About Cranberry

Cranberries make for the excellent snacking option and the tastiest dessert topping. At Thewholesalers. we are a Gurgaon-based fresh cranberries supplier in India that offers nutrient and antioxidant-dense cranberries of top quality. Our range of choicest fresh cranberries helps in keeping your blood pressure under control when consumed every day and is also an immunity-boosting food.

We promise, our dried cranberries are the ideal way to taste exotic. The small fruit has a sour taste and is red. Since we are the most reliable cranberry dealers in Delhi, we do not add any artificial color to our products and this makes our cranberry range a healthy option for snack lovers.

Renowned Cranberries Retailers in Delhi

Our premium flavored fresh cranberries have made a niche for themselves in terms of taste and exclusive packaging. Through supplying and offering of finest cranberries to our customers, we have pioneered a delicious way to give a regular dose of healthy cranberries to our body.

We peruse the cranberries from the best-in-class farms of States and Canada where it is grown commercially. The cranberries we offer are not only rich in antioxidant properties but also essential phytonutrients which have exclusive health-benefits. To get your hands on vitamins and fiber-rich cranberries, get in touch with us now.

More About Cranberry

-Delicious taste with many health benefits, best as a snack or to add something fruity in your food

-Add them in morning cereals for extra taste and health benefits

-No artificial color added

-Dried Cranberries are a high source of fiber

-Cranberries have one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any fruit

-Low in calories and high in vitamin A, C and K

-Good source of B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6

-Storage Information- Store in cool and dry place in Gourmand Zipper pack


500gm, 1000gm


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