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About Cassia

Firstly we would like to advise you the use of cassia in this modern time, If you are drinking tea, coffee or any other drink, take one cassia roll and use it as a stirrer in your drink for for few second, take a sip and now review us, we are sure it will blew your mind, the aroma and taste makes your drink better.

Vietnam and China are the major cassia producing countries, It is also known as Cinnamon and in India Cassia/Dalchinni. Bark of the tree is taken and hand rolled to give it a cigar like texture. it is considered one of the fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine and main ingredient in spice industries in India.

Food in India is incomplete if there is no cassia touch in it. We can always find cassia in Indian Kitchen.

Few of this exotic Spice uses are:

-Reduce joint pain
-Menopausal symptoms
-Reduce Menstrual problems
-Used in chest pain medicines, kidney disorders
-Maintain blood pressure
-Reduced cramps
-People apply cassia cinnamon to the skin which act as a natural mosquito repellent

Cassia sticks are in major demand across Indian cuisines because of the rich aroma and flavor they add. When you are searching for cassia sticks of high quality without any artificial colors and harmful preservatives, then look no further than Thewholesalers.com. Our range of cassia sticks boasts of 100% goodness, a divine aroma, and a rich flavor. Based in Gurgaon, we are the leading cassia stick wholesalers India and dealers and we pack all our spices hygienically and make them undergo strict lab tests to stay at par with the FSSAI norms.

We do not believe in compromising your health, and hence we only deliver premium-grade dalchini all of which aim at offering extreme customer satisfaction. Our assorted range of whole spices including cassia sticks can pair up with your choicest recipes and enhance its taste.

Fresh and Natural Cassia Sticks

Being the best quality Dalchini dealers our team of works maintains an equal consistency in quality for all our cassia sticks and ensures they have a longer shelf life. As envisioned, we aspire to make you a better chef with our selective range of cinnamon sticks that can be added to cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes, pastries, coffee, tea, soups, curries, and various other dishes.

We work towards making your food journey a delicious and enticing one through our premier range of cassia sticks which can make your dish twice the delicious as before. For the purest, natural, and fresh selection of cassia sticks that oozes with natural aroma and flavor, contact us today.


500gm, 1000gm


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