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About Anjeer/Figs

Looking for a sweet treat that’s satisfying, full of nutrition and low in calories?

Follow the ancient remedy for a sweet tooth: “THE FIGS”

The Buddha attained enlightenment and discovered the path to ending suffering while sitting under the Bodhi tree, a type of fig tree. A very sweet enlightenment, indeed! To this day, figs can help lessen the suffering in your life through their nutrition, combating cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol.Figs are deceptively sweet: despite their luscious flavor, they are actually low in calories and fat. Fig has very less calories and fat.

Figs are a good source of nutrition, including vitamins B6, K and E. Dried figs support bone health, lower blood pressure, and are high in fiber. They are also rich in iron, which supports brain and muscle function and combats fatigue.Figs are very rich in minerals manganese(needed for the functioning of healthy bones and the absorption of protein, carbohydrates and cholesterol) and potassium(for regulating heartbeat, blood pressure and fluid balance in the body)

It is rich in dietary fiber as we all know Fiber may reduce your risk of developing heart disease, lower blood cholesterol levels and aid in weight management.

Some of the benefits of Figs:

1)Skin Care

2) Maintain bone density

3)Maintain Blood Pressure

4)Improves immune system

5) Reduced Chronic Disease

6)Helps in weight loss

7)Reduce bad Cholesterol

There is no way out for you now, Buy it and give your family a healthy diet today.


250gm, 500gm, 1000gm


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